About Us

We are the distributor for the world's leading brand of manufacturers:

Full Range of Cutting Tools

Jobber Drills, (MTS) Morse Taper Shank Drill, 1/2" Shank Drill, Centre Drill, Corner Radius Cutter, Countersink, NC Spot Drill Reamer, Tool bit

End Mill, Countersink, NC Spot Drill, Reamer

Full range Carbide Products
End Mill, Drill, Reamer, Machine Tap, Countersink, Tool bit

Japan's Top Manufacturer for Live Centers

ISHIHASHI Machine Taps

Full Range of Threading Tools from Germany
Hand Taps, Machine Taps, Solid Dies, Tap & Die Sets, Tap & Die Handles

Wire Thread Insert Technology by Volkel

Top Quality Coolant Fed Drills from Italy

Abrasive File Specialist from Spain
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